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Live Edge Wood is a style where the craftsperson includes the natural edges of the wood into the design.

Live Edge Exotic Wood Slabs as of September 2021 are also offered in addition to Florida wood slabs to meet client requests. We complete research & verify information on companies before we decide to source wood from them.

These Live Edge wood slabs of various & sometimes exotic woods can be made for you into live edge tables, live edge floating shelves, live edge dining tables, live edge coffee tables, live edge benches, live edge countertops, live edge wood desks, live edge bar stools, live edge bed headboards & live edge charcuterie boards.

We believe that removing a tree with professionalism & honor is significant. Reverence for the tree in another form is how we can extend its life as your live edge wood furniture.

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Arborist's Process Creating Live Edge Wood Slabs

Ian, our arborist would be happy to translate your wood slab’s growth rings, patterns & the grain to its new owner.

After tree trunks are received, we mill the wood & then kiln dry it. Each natural edge wood slab shows the tree’s history.

Aside from the live edge slab’s beauty, there is a sense of connection to the tree & you will be able to honor it with years of appreciation.

Live edge wood slabs are created for you & each hardwood slab is unique. It’s live edge wood furniture for you to enjoy now & to be passed on to your family members for generations to come.

Ian & Stephanie Orlikoff were the owners of Signature Tree Care in Naples, FL from 2002 until October 2020 when they sold their tree service. Ian was the lead ISA Certified Arborist & Stephanie was the Office Manager.

We now continue to create Live Edge Wood Furniture, sell unfinished/raw Live Edge Wood Slabs & foster a reverence for wood.

Ian Orlikoff is the Arboricultural Board Advisor at the Gore Nature Education Center in Naples, FL.

Live Edge Wood Furniture

Live Edge Wood Slabs and Custom Live Edge Furniture

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